Get your Bake On – Giveaway

Who loves baking? I know I do, and even more so with the thought of Valentines Day in just a few days. As we prepare all the sweetest treats for those we love, why don't we add a little more love to go with your baking utensils. To celebrate Valentines Day with you, we are giving away very nice set … [Continue Reading...]


Mommy Must Have – Giveaway

Being a well seasoned mom, seasoned meaning that I am not a newbie to the mom thing, you begin to differentiate what items are a must with each pregnancy. For example, we do not have a crib just yet just because we knew it would be a while until we would really have the need. Every mommy is … [Continue Reading...]

Reliant K

So I Bite My Tongue – Musical Mondays

I have a problem that has haunted me for several years. This problem could turn my passionate heart into a sudden emotional burst of anger, with vindictive undertones, a problem which can easily be classified as control. The alteration of what surrounded me, whether it was the loss of familiarity, … [Continue Reading...]